How Much Does a CV Joint Replacement Cost?

For those who are not familiar with the CV joints or constant velocity joints, for starters, all front-wheel-drive cars have them on both ends of the drive shafts, although there are also rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles that have them.

There are two types of CV joints, the inner and outer; each with a particular purpose. The inner CV joints connect the drive shaft to the transmission. On the other hand, the outer CV joint connects the drive shafts to the wheels.

These joints typically fail or malfunction through wear and tear but sometimes, lack of lubrication accelerates the process.

two car joints


Most of the time, replacing the CV joint is what car owners opt to address the issue as this seems to be the cheapest up front. But seasoned mechanics and auto repair shops would often recommend a full replacement of the axle shaft as it is the most cost-effective way when considering the long-term effect.

In case you are wondering how much does CV joint replacement cost and the different ways in dealing with CV joint issues as well as its related parts, please read along.

Average Cost of CV Joint Replacement

According to, the average CV Joint replacement cost is $693 across the United States, with the price ranging from as low as $213 to as high as $1,686.

Further, the cost comparison of the various car shops and retailers are presented below:

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Examples of the pricing for CV joint replacement for different models and brands of vehicles are the following:


Replacement Type




Ford F-Series


$79 – $100

$134 – $427

$213 – $527


$134 – $171

$268 – $854

$402 – $1025

Chevrolet Silverado


$118 – $151

$178 – $351

$296 – $502


$220 – $281

$356 – $702

$576 – $983

Ford Focus


$126 – $161

$136 – $362

$262 – $523


$189 – $241

$272 – $724

$461 – $965

Toyota Camry


$197 – $251

$164 – $592

$361 – $843


$394 – $502

$328 – $1184

$722 – $1686

Toyota Corolla


$205 – $261

$164 – $575

$369 – $836


$252 – $321

$328 – $1150

$580 – $1471

Nissan Altima


$197 – $251

$164 – $617

$361 – $868


$213 – $271

$328 – $1234

$541 – $1505

Honda CR-V


$87 – $110

$164 – $585

$251 – $695


$173 – $221

$328 – $1170

$501 – $1391

Honda Civic


$94 – $121

$164 – $578

$258 – $699


$189 – $241

$328 – $1156

$517 – $1397

Honda Accord


$94 – $121

$164 – $318

$258 – $439


$189 – $241

$328 – $636

$517 – $877

Ford Fusion


$118 – $151

$287 – $463

$405 – $614


$220 – $281

$574 – $926

$794 – $1207

On the other hand, the cost of CV boot replacement according to ranges around $150 to $300 each depending on the type of vehicle and the make and model and can cost up to $500 or more for large and expensive vehicles.

When your mechanic recommended the axle replacement, expect to pay around $150 to $1,000 or more depending on whether only one side of the axle is to be replaced or both sides.

What are Included

The cost of CV boot replacement, as well as the CV joint and axle, if they are required, typically includes the price of the materials or parts, the labor for the repair and installation, as well as the cost of any machine, equipment or tools needed for the activity.

The typical practice of the legitimate repair shops to include the guaranty of workmanship as well as the warranty which ranges from six months to two years or through mileage. Most common warranty with this type of service is around 12 months or 12,000-mileage whichever comes first.


Additional Costs

When bringing your vehicle to the auto shops for various repairs or even just a routine maintenance check up, you cannot help but also be facing some extra cost regardless whether you intend to spend on them or not from the very start.

In the case of the CV joint, boot, or axle, typical extra expenditures include the following:

  • If you have neglected the symptoms that these parts are signaling, then prepare to spend on the tow truck charge anytime soon and this may be more than what you have to pay for the replacement of the entire axle shafts.
  • Since these are related to wheels, you might find yourself agreeing with the wheel alignment recommendation which typically costs around $20 to $50.
  • Regardless whether the axle shaft is to be replaced or not, the inner shaft seal should be replaced especially for the older and high mileage cars which may already have leakage due to age.

Shopping for CV Joint Replacement

If you have been loyal to a particular mechanic for some time, by the constant trip, you might be able to avail of big discounts by now. And since this is a straightforward task, it can be easily tackled by them.

But if you want the service of someone else for a change, you may check out different service centers online to get several estimates from different auto repair shops. It is the best way to get the best deal. Checking out the for any available branch near you and getting a free quote is a good way to start.

Factors Affecting CV Joint and CV Boot Repair Price

Auto Shop – there’s always that neighborhood mechanic who can do all the dirty jobs for your vehicle at a much lower price compared to others and would be willing to grant you a credit if your budget is low. However, if you are after the quality of service and the assurance of it through the warranty, you may opt for the more popular ones at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of the pricing.

Type of vehicle – parts and labor prices would greatly differ depending on the type of vehicle especially when we talk about the size and other characteristics that normally impact the cost.

Make, model, year – these can also affect the actual costs due to the fact that some vehicles have more complicated systems which make it harder to access upon repairs or maintenance. Not to mention the fact that the aftermarket parts of some vehicles are hard to find and you are more likely to be left with no choice but to purchase original manufacturer’s parts.

Location – you would find places that have more shops offering the same services tend to have lower price due to competition compared to other areas where there are few. Also, most progressive cities tend to have a higher cost of commodities and services because of the high cost of living and cost of doing business.

OEM or aftermarket parts – if you want to save on the CV boot repair price and other parts, you can purchase the aftermarket versions at any retail store and even online. The only setback is the tendency of these parts to pale in comparison to the qualities of the original parts as well as their limited warranties. But that does not mean they are not good enough.

Part or whole – some car owners would opt for the repair of the parts that are causing current problems to save on cost rather than having the entire system replaced which may seem higher in terms of upfront cost but tend to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Insurance – most insurance would not cover this kind of vehicle repair, unless of course if you specifically paid for it to be included which depends on the insurance provider if it will allow such inclusions. Another possibility that this would be covered is when it is brought about by a traffic collision or accident. But this can sometimes be too tedious to prove.

When to Know if It’s Time

A lot of warning signs can be detected to know that it is time to have your vehicle’s CV joint replaced. Some of them are too strong to not be noticeable. If you are experiencing any of the following, head to your favorite mechanic or auto repair shop as soon as possible:

  • Clicking noise when driving
  • Steady knocking sounds at low speed every couple of seconds
  • Vibration especially during acceleration and is being felt in the steering wheel and floorboard.
  • Steering issue coupled with clicking or popping noise when turning to a corner
  • Grease in car wheels

Remember, a badly-worn out CV joint can suddenly disintegrate while you are driving. When this happens, knock on wood; consider yourself lucky if a tow truck is all you need and not an ambulance.


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  1. This was very helpful in understanding what the CV joint is and the estimated cost of repair. I just learned that the CV joint in my 2008 Ford Edge likely needs to be replaced. The car is making that clicking sound when turning in either direction. I may find out that both joints need to be replaced.

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